Homecoming Alumni Band 2016

Homecoming is on Saturday, October 1st. We hope to see you there!

Homecoming Alumni Band 2016

October 1, 2016
3:30 Kickoff

Maryland Terrapins vs Wisconsin Badgers

It’s an exciting time for the Mighty Sound of Maryland! The Maryland Band’s very own Eli Osterloh is leading the MSOM, the endowment fund is well on its way, and now it’s time for Homecoming and Alumni Band!

Save The Date for Homecoming 2015

Homecoming 2015
Saturday, November 7th
Maryland vs. Wisconsin

It’s an exciting time at the University of Maryland!

The Maryland Band’s very own Eli Osterloh is at the helm of the Mighty Sound of Maryland! The Endowment fund is building! And the Terps are now 2-1!

Be a part of the alumni band action at Homecoming 2015 on Saturday, November 7th. Kickoff is at 3:30, so reserve the whole day! Keep an eye on your email and this website for details.

You can help raise money for UMBAO and the L. Richmond Sparks Mighty Sound Of Maryland Fund just by participating in Homecoming!

How? It’s an “Incentive Event”. If the Alumni Band has 25 or more alumni graduates spanning at least four decades, UMBAO will be eligible to receive an incentive bonus from the Alumni Association. It’s that easy — and no checkbook required!

So come out and support the band… and the Terps, too!

Dr. Sparks to Retire

For those who haven't heard the news yet, Dr. Sparks announced his retirement at the football game this past weekend. He will be around throughout the rest of the school year, so come by College Park to say congratulations. We will post more details and announcements soon.

Many alumni have been posting their personal stories about Dr. Sparks to Facebook, so please take a look at the MSOM group to see those anecdotes and write your own.

Congratulations Dr. Sparks!

UM Band History Project

Members of the 2014 (first year in the BIG !10), MSOM and Alumni Marching Bands:

We are about to embark on an exciting new project relating to the history of the University of Maryland Bands, and we need your help! In 2007-2008, as we worked on the Bands’ centennial history, Musical Ambassadors of Maryland, we gathered a great number of anecdotes, memories, and interviews to include in the book, many of which we drew upon as we compiled the text. We weren’t able to include everything, however, and we would like to use this new book to bring the Bands’ history up to the present. We are looking for additional anecdotes about any era of band history, and we are especially interested in events since the centennial year, including the first year in the Big Ten. We would like to compile these recollections into a new book, which we plan to release during Homecoming 2015.

Larry Jacobson to Lecture at the School of Music on May 5th

If you're in the College Park area around lunchtime, Larry Jacobson will be lecturing at UMD School of Music next Monday, May 5th at 12pm about his book, Demystifying Success: The Thinks They Don't Teach You in High School, and other topics.  For more information, please contact the School of Music at 301-405-5549. 


Help the Mighty Sound of Maryland get the Best Band Van in the Land

The band has just launched a new crowdfunding event to raise funds for a new Band Van, which they desperately need. 

Director Rich Sparks is excited about the effort.  "Campus has invited us to raise funds on this campus-sponsored fundraising event online.  We have spent a great deal of time talking about this with the new Leadership of the Marching Band, and we are confident that this program can work for us.  As a result of our working with the campus Development Office on this project, we have their full attention for the first time in my 30 years here on campus."  

The program launched on April 18th, and will close on May 18th.  Donors should donate in the specific name of a current band member.  If you don't know a current band member, please donate in the name of L. Richmond Sparks.  For more information about the program, or to donate, please go to:


Alumni Pep Band for Winter Session 2013-2014

This is an 'all call' for your participation with the Basketball Pep Band.  From December 21st - January 19th, we are inviting Maryland Band Alumni to bring your instruments and perform with the Maryland Pep Band for all Men's and Women's Basketball home games.  This window is for a limited time – only until January 19th – so take advantage!


All Men's and Women's games have a call time of 45 minutes prior to tip-off, with the downbeat 30 minutes prior (i.e., in your seats, ready to play).  We ask that everyone wear a red collared shirt and jeans. 


Conductor & Musicians Wanted for Washington Metro Gamer Symphony Orchestra

Are you a gamer? Do you get an adrenaline rush when you hear the music from your favorite game? Then how would you like to play the music from your favorite game?

Some of the founding members of UMD’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra have (finally) aged out of the group, and are putting together an ensemble to continue the mission at the community level. The Washington Metro Gamer Symphony Orchestra is officially incorporated, and ready to start rehearsals in July.

But they need one important thing. A Conductor! They’re able to offer a small stipend at the start, and there is the potential for growth as the ensemble matures. See more information and review the application.

They have approximately 50 musicians to start, but will gladly welcome more. Rehearsals will start this July in Rockville. More information about membership.


Who's the best band in the land?

Celebrating 106 years! Now that your years in the Maryland Bands are over, it’s time to look back and remember all the good times. Browse around to share memories and become reacquainted with the best part of your alma mater.

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