The University of Maryland Band Alumni Organization is the official alumni association of the band program. We are completely self-run and have hundreds of active members. UMBAO is in charge of contacting alumni for events, organizing homecoming (both alumni band and tailgate picnic), forming alumni basketball pep bands, and financially helping the band department.

If you — or anyone you know — is interested in running for an office, please read the descriptions below. Any questions you have may be directed to Marianne Kassabian.

UMBAO Officers

President — Marianne Kassabian
Leads UMBAO Homecoming and special projects as designated by the directors.
Vice President — Morris Zwick '85
Assists President with Homecoming and special projects as designated by the directors.
Secretary — Noah Lazar '00
Coordinates mailings/publications for Homecoming and special projects; provides content for website.
Treasurer — Suzanne Sturgis
Maintains the books, including money collection for Homecoming or special projects.

Auxiliary Positions

Webmaster and DBA — Noah Lazar '00
Contributors — Mark Flater '92
Band Historian — Dick Taylor

Other Contacts

University of Maryland Band Office
301.405.5542, umbands@umd.edu

Terrapin Ticket Office
301.314.7070 or 800.462.TERP

UM Alumni Association
301.405.4678 or 800.336.8627

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Box Office