To All Our Inspired Band Alumni

One word, “WOW!”

I am hoping to get this word out quickly to everyone who shared and brought back the essence of the Maryland Bands – ‘You!’ Words cannot describe the JUBILEE as a whole; however, grins of excitement are still buzzing through emails and phone calls.

There is not enough time for me to answer all the wonderful emails that I have received, so I want to express my appreciation via this format. Yes, we worked hard in planning this homecoming for two years. The UMBAO Board of Directors, the Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi, the Sisters of Tau Beta Sigma, and the Men and Women of the current Mighty Sound of Maryland are all to be thanked; but, it was your presence that made the event come alive! We have made a big splash in the news. I received a full-page report of our Centennial from a newspaper in Holland!!! Go figure.

Two words, “Remember this!”

I am hoping that you will take advantage of the website to post your most memorable moments. We all had several, but take time to post a short blog on the website. My goal is to encourage more people to participate in the future. No shaming please, there were many who died a thousand deaths because they couldn’t be with us.

Three words, “Do it again!”

We don’t need a Centennial Celebration every year to inspire folks to come back to homecoming. You experienced it for yourself. You are enough inspiration for others to come back. Share your experience with your buddies who couldn’t be here. Maybe we can have more than 500 next year. You know The Ohio State Marching Band averages 900 band alumni returning annually for their homecoming. They can’t be having as much fun as the Mighty Sound of Maryland because they don’t allow woodwinds, guard, or dancers in their band!

I can promise that if we get 300 or more, I will form another massed band at halftime!

Thank you, All
Richmond Sparks


Great job Rich!!!!! Our hats are off to you, Ruth and Andrea. All of you worked hard to make the weekend what it was!!! Thanks for the memories...........Mike

To all of you in the current Maryland Marching Band, as well as Marianne Kasibian and the entire UMBAO, it was great meeting many of you and what a wonderful job all of you did in making the weekend an experience none of us shall ever forget!!!