Final Homecoming Schedule

Kick-off has been announced for 3:30 pm, so here is our final Homecoming 2008 schedule:

Friday, October 24th

5:00 pm
Reception & Check-In @ CSPAC
7:30 pm
Mandatory Rehearsal

Saturday, October 25th

9:30 am
Alumni band concierge table opens at CSPAC, in the band room foyer
10:15 am
Meet at Astroturf field for marching rehearsal (that's correct—we are meeting at the Astroturf behind Byrd Stadium)
12:00 pm
Tailgate on the lawn outside CSPAC
2:00 pm
Line-Up & Inspection
2:20 pm
Step-Off for Game
3:30 pm
Kick-Off — GO TERPS!!
~6:30 pm
Truck back and watch the video of our performances
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Wait, wait, wait. So, we don't get to truck down to the stadium and show up the youngins? That seems totally wrong. In fact, that was always the best as a student--seeing all those old folks having a good time as they came down to join us for practice. Can we ask for a recount on that vote?

I'd like a revote on that rehearsal time. We're not so old that it'll take an hour and a half rehearsal to get things down pat!