History Book Last Call

Thanks to all the alumni whom have sent in your bowl memories for the upcoming Maryland Bands history book being published later this year! But we still need more help…

Update 9/4/08: The deadline from the publisher has been extended, so keep sending in your anecdotes!

We are now expanding our search to include any-and-all of your experiences in the Maryland Bands. Please send us any anecdotes, stories, or memories that you would like published. This is our last call for your contributions.

Several alumni are collecting materials from the twirlers, poms/dancers and silks. If you are part of those groups, please send your information directly to the them. Everyone else can send your anecdotes straight to Dick Taylor.

General Memories: Dick Taylor
Silks & Color Guard: Betsy Turner
Poms & Dancers: Diane Mizell
Twirlers & Majorettes: Lee Callicutt

Are you a Turtle? If you are, then let's hear you stories! Thanks for your help!

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I think it was the fall of 1973, the band went to Florida for the Gator Bowl. We started our trip home, got to a tollbooth and suddenly we were off in a different direction. I seem to remember we were on four buses and we soon found ourselves at a McDonalds. This Mickey D's was owned by a University of Maryland alumnus and he treated the whole marching band to eat, as much as we wanted, on the house. It was such a nice way to end the bowl trip. I wish I knew the name of this person, sadly I don't remember it. Just a little Gator Bowl side story I thought should be included in the book.

I remember the words from one of the bus song-books used during an away trip to NC State

Through the woods, through the sticks,
NC State's a bunch of hicks,
And the tractors keep rolling along!

Through the fields, through the herds,
NC State's a bunch of nerds,
And the tractors keep rolling along!

And it's "pitch that hay"
The 'necks are on their way!
Shout out their motto loud and strong

And their socks are white,
They even glow at night
And the tractors keep rolling along!