Homecoming Online Registration Now Available

Online registration is now available for Homecoming 2008! Sorry for the delay everyone — PayPal's Payment Notification took a little longer to integrate and test than I thought. Remember that registration has been extended to Monday, October 6th, whether you pay online or by mail.

Homecoming Instrument Supply Update

We just found out that the band office does have percussion and sousaphones available for alumni to borrow for Homecoming. They also have a limited supply of baritones and mellophones; please contact Marianne Kassabian after registering to place a request if you need one. Unfortunately, you are still on your own for all other instruments.

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Did I read correctly that there will be music to download so we can practice? I haven't played since the last game of the 1989 season, lol.

Yes - downloadable music will be posted, I just have to get the rest of it first! Please check back in a week. And are you really going to come this time, or are you going to blow us off and fly to Vegas to see The Who again? Yes, I remember - I was jealous you went and didn't take me with you!!

I still haven't lived that down! :-) Actually, I am traveling to Japan to see The Who in November, and also seeing the lads November 3 at Verizon Center, so yes, I will be there this time. Promise. :-)

P.S. I am "Giants Fan" on Facebook if anyone uses that site...

Yes, we are diligently going to practice the downloaded music, once it's available. In fact, we've already started warming up for October, and realized we have all of the 1989 season still memorized! So just post any music since then, so we can catch up!

No Pete, you'll probably never live that down... you should have brought me! BUT - I'm very glad I'll see you at BOTH Homecoming and Verizon Center!

Jo Bob - Have to warn you - the Pre Game arrangements are slightly different (though I still play the memorized ones, and they still work - except for the Fanfare, they threw in a key change!).

This could be the year for quite the KAOS reunion...

Still can't open the PDF to print the mail in resgistration form

Make sure you download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat in order to view the PDF form — or just register online instead!

Madame President spoke of a KAOS reunion. This is the twenty fifth (25th) year of KAOS. By the way, both Melissa and I will be there.

25th? Really?

"Mr. Information!"

Hi Woj!

Oh yes! Mike, doesn't your old red band jacket say that?

And how come KAOS is the only chatty bunch?

Cuz we Kick Ass On Saturday... and every other day!

I don't need the music -- I bet I still have 90% of it memorized; and I'll most likely improvise 50% of it anyway, as usual. That chord change in Fanfare really threw me off last time though...

What I do need is a horn. Can anyone bring me a spare? E-mail me at rmsjr74 (at) yahoo (dot) com if you have something I can use as a loaner. A pea-shooter is fine; I haven't played since two years ago so it'll all sound like strained farts after the first quarter anyway.

Thanks in advance, and see ya's in a month!

I need music! :-)

Getting nervous here. :-0

Need to practice. ;-)


Music music music? Running out of time! (And apparently I am unable to get my horn out unless I actually have the music.) Hmmm......

Music downloads are almost ready — just a little bit more testing to do...