Penny War with the Marching Band

Hi alumni! In addition to yourselves and your love for the UMD bands, be sure to bring your extra change! The Sisters of Tau Beta Sigma are doing a Penny War with the marching band to raise money for Rockville High School's music program, directed by Phil Barnes. Some of our current students, in addition to some of you, are alumni of this program, so this is particularly important because it is so local to us. So far, we have raised over $100, but I'm sure we can do better. Last year, we raised almost $600 for Katrina relief. If each of you put a dollar in one of the jars, we will have at least $500 more to give to Rockville! The goal is to collect the most points, or the least negative. Each section has its own jar. Pennies are positive points (so 10 pennies = 10 points) but everything else is negative (so a $5 bill = -500 points). Support your section! Sabotage the section your section had a rivalry with back when you marched. Here are the current standings:
  1. Flutes/Piccs +161
  2. Tubas -28
  3. Guard -144
  4. Twirlers -148
  5. Mellos -155
  6. Dancers -169
  7. Drumline -253
  8. Clarinets -792
  9. KAOS -877
  10. Trumpets -2044
  11. Saxes -2092
Thanks! We can't wait to see you this weekend; we've already seen some of you and we are just as excited as you are! Nadine Simpson Vice President of Service Tau Beta Sigma, National Honorary Band Sorority, Inc. Class of 2009
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