Thank You!

All of us at UMBAO would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the alumni for making this Centennial Homecoming Band the largest and best ever! Sorry that Curley Byrd couldn't keep the rain away, but at least the Terps pulled out a win at the end. If you have any game-day snapshots posted to Flickr, Picasa, or other photo sites, please let us know where in the comments. Hope to see you at the upcoming Centennial concerts later this season! Also, the Maryland Bands history book sales info will be posted as soon as we get some more details.


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My shoes are still wet, but I don't care! Here are a few moments from Homecoming:

I had a blast and it was wonderful to reconnect with my Terps family again.

Things like rain just don't matter when you're doing what you love. :-)

Now THAT was almost, but not yet, enough trombones.

More Trombones. More Trombones. More Trombones.