Cannoneer Leland "Twink" Starr Passed Away September 9, 2009

Our good friend and Cannoneer, Leland "Twink" Starr, Jr., died last Wednesday, Sept. 9, after a fall.  He was 89 years old.

Twink was a very special man.  He was on the Cannon Crew in Byrd Stadium from 1960-2003.  His job in explosives at the Naval Ordinance Lab gave him many opportunities to serve important projects - for example, his work was used for the moon landing.  


He was honored at Homecoming last year, and was very happy to be part of the 100th Anniversary of the Maryland Band program.  He and his wife, Nell Starr, who preceded him in death, were with the band on numerous away and bowl trips over many decades.  He was a wonderful friend of the band.  According to his family, he wished to have no flowers, asking instead for gifts in his name to the band scholarship fund.


A memorial service will be held in Yorktown, Virginia on Thursday evening, September 17.  Details should be in the Washington Post on Monday or Tuesday of this week.


Twink was a great guy!!! All of us who were in the Band during the Henderson years (1955-1965) will always remember Twink and of course 'the cannon'!!! He, and his wife Nell, will always be remembered as great friends of the University of Maryland Band. Twink will be missed.

I will always remember Twink and the cannon. It was one of the great moments on the field. He was a great guy and very supportive of all of us "kids".