Centennial History Books Are Shipping!

Just as a quick note, the history books are finally en route. Your copy/copies should arrive in the mail very soon — if not already.

If you do not receive your full order by early next week (week of September 14th), please contact the publisher with your order number to get shipping confirmation.

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I received my book yesterday and I LOVE it!
HOWEVER, I looked everywhere for the CD of the music, and
could not find it. How do I get my CD?

You should probably contact the publisher. The phone number for ordering was 1-800-677-2810 x 7489. Hopefully, that line will provide customer service, or can direct you there.

My CD was placed on the inside of the back cover of the yearbook. Did you look there?

I want to thank everyone who had anything to do with this project, most of all Dick Taylor and Anne Turkos. I knew, with those two working on this, that the final product was going to be great, but what I received in the mail far exceeded what I was expecting!!!

For those of you who do not have a copy of the yearbook, this is a real value. Not only does it cover anything and everything about the University of Maryland Band over the past 100 years, and brings back many wonderful memories and experiences, but being able to produce this in the $40 range is quite remarkable. The songbook and CD alone are probably worth $25, and we are getting this incredible yearbook for $20? The yearbook alone is worth an easy $45-65.

I urge anyone who does not have a copy of this wonderful yearbook and songbook/CD package to consider purchasing a copy. I understand that this will shortly be on sale at the University of Maryland Book Exchange (right across the street from our practice field on Rt.1); the phone number is 301-927-2510.

I can not recall one member of the Terp Band who wasn't 100% 'into it', loved every minute of it,
and would do just about anything to do it all over again. In fact , my guess is that in our final seconds 'on this planet' most of us will be thinking back to those glorious days of our youth singing and playing the 'Victory Song' and 'Sons of Old Maryland'. Just seeing this yearbook sitting on our coffee table takes me back to those great times in the Band, and once again.........THANK YOU.....to everyone involved for the time and effort in making this happen.