Centennial History Book Deadline Extended (Again)

Extended one last time by the publisher — order by February 23rd!

I have great news for everyone! Taylor Publishing has allowed us to extend the order deadline for our Musical Ambassadors of Maryland: A Centennial Celebration.

Many of you have called to see if it is too late, and the answer is “It will be soon!” The new and final deadline is February 23rd. You must understand that there will not be a second printing, nor will there be any extra copies printed. This is an absolute pre-publication sale, so if you want a set NOW IS THE TIME! We will not delay the delivery of the book. You can expect it in mid-April. There are many who have not yet taken the opportunity to purchase this fabulous pictorial history book about YOU!

If you only knew how much time, talent, and effort has gone into the creation of this book project. Every era has been covered in full, so you will find something from your time in band. It truly is beautiful.  The songbook is the first of its kind since the 1941 printing. The songs are in piano score with fabulous pictures and centennial artwork. The enclosed CD has both band and new piano recordings of these songs by the Maryland Bands — including the first recording of the Maryland Bands from an aluminum disc.

I don’t mean to bore you with these announcements, but I have to be certain that everyone knows and gets a chance to own these books. I have to repeat that after February 14th, 2009 every print will have been sold and there will not be another chance to purchase!

Go to http://buymycollegeyearbook.com/ for more details and order information. It is my understanding that it takes a little longer than usual for your credit card to clear because they cannot use your security number on this website. You will get a confirmation in you email, but a day or two later. For those calling the 1-800-677-2810 ext. 7489 number to order by phone, expect to leave a message and they will get back to you to take your order.

You have left a great legacy with the Maryland Bands. This is our way to give back to you. More importantly, we want you to share this history with everyone you know. Take a little time to reminisce with your classmates, friends, and family. There is no greater feeling than that of a job well done.  These books are for you to remember that job well done, and the peers that inspired you to do it!

Richmond Sparks
University of Maryland Band

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