Conductor & Musicians Wanted for Washington Metro Gamer Symphony Orchestra

Are you a gamer? Do you get an adrenaline rush when you hear the music from your favorite game? Then how would you like to play the music from your favorite game?

Some of the founding members of UMD’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra have (finally) aged out of the group, and are putting together an ensemble to continue the mission at the community level. The Washington Metro Gamer Symphony Orchestra is officially incorporated, and ready to start rehearsals in July.

But they need one important thing. A Conductor! They’re able to offer a small stipend at the start, and there is the potential for growth as the ensemble matures. See more information and review the application.

They have approximately 50 musicians to start, but will gladly welcome more. Rehearsals will start this July in Rockville. More information about membership.

Maryland’s GSO was wildly popular, selling out concerts at the Chapel and Dekelbaum repeatedly. With enough heroes, heroines, gold coins, weapons, and extra lives, we predict this group will also slay the dragon, save the damsel in distress, and win the game.

For more information on the group, go to:
For specific questions, send an email to: